Since a young age Alice was always insirped by the art of cooking. She was always in the kitchen helping my mother bake cakes. As Alice grew up she knew her passion was in a kitchen being a Pastry Chef. Alice studied at Colchester Institute completing her Chefs, Level 1,2 & 3 VRQ. During these 3 years she gained experience in various establishments, including waitressing at the Elizabeth Hotel in her home village of Copdock and The Ship Inn at nearby Levington where she 'chopped till I dropped'!

 Colchester Institute arranged some brilliant work experience which enabled Alice to attend the kitchens of The House of Commons.


   Shortly after this Alice attended a trial at Rick Stein's, The Seafood Restaurant, in Padstow, where I was fortunate to be offered a Commis Chef position in the Pattisserie Unit. Hard work and long hours followed, but it was an amazing experience. she could not have had a better teacher than Executive Head Pastry Chef Stuart Pate who should receive an award for his patience!  It was an early start each day,  producing, cakes, desserts, cookies, chocolates and danish pastries to name but a few for the Stein's Empire!


 A year later Alice received her first  promotion to Demi Chef de Parti, taking on more responsibility. This was followed by being transferred to The Pastry Kitchen in Rick Stein's Seafood Resturant, which was the goal I was working for. Here, the work load and long hours stepped up a gear, but was rewarded by seeing sumptious desserts being served to discerning diners. At The Seafood Restaurant there was always plenty of opportunity to meet celebratory chefs and famous people. 


  Another promotion followed, this time to Chef de Parti, requiring Alice to assist running the Pastry section when the Executive Head Pastry Chef was absent. Stuart Pate suggested that I enter the National AAE Competition, (Annual Awards of Excellence) held in London which she did.  There are various rounds to this competition and Alice made it through to the rather nerve racking Semi finals. Quite an experience!


After several years Alice felt the desire to return to my roots in Suffolk and decided to start my own business utilising my skills learnt in Cornwall.  Alice still misses Padstow, but looks forward to short breaks there from time to time catching up with friends.